Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Spine Surgery Treatments in Rajasthan

Back pain is one of the common problem that are facing by us. some times pain become unbearable. So we need treatments to recover from pain.In many cases of back pain, the treatment is unusual as follows.

Rest : The best method for treatment of low back pain is to give rest the spine. In many cases of back pain are due to muscle pull, it is very essential to avoid irritation to the spine and muscles around the spinal column. Bed rest is preferable, so for at least three or four days.

Oral Medication : Take medication are helpful to ease out back pain and other inflammation associated with the spine.Sometimes, muscle relaxing medications are prescribed. They help to relieve muscle spasm, but may also make patients quite drowsy.

Physiotherapy and Exercises : Strengthening back muscles is one of the important treatment for back pain. Other solutions that can be used in the treatment of back pain include aquatherapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, short-wave diathermy etc.

Spine Surgical Operation :  Spine surgery is rarely an initial treatment for back pain; there are a few emergencies, however, that may require surgical treatment. In some patients, Back pain usually takes more time to recover . So going into spine surgery may not be the best idea. Usually doctor advise treatment for at least 3-4 months.

The common operations carried out for back pain are :

Spinal Disc Replacement
It is done to treat and diagnose problem associated with spine.

This procedure is carried out to reduce pressure on spinal cord.

This method is done to remove a portion of disc and relieves pressure on nerves.

Before taking any back pain treatment it is better to consult with an Orthopedic Doctor. Because a doctor can understand your problem and cares you.

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