Friday, 17 November 2017

Considering a Hip Replacement? Then Reach Us Without Rethinking !!!

Do you find pain in your hip joint ??...Which interfere with all your daily activities. Then don't rethink get effective treatment from the best orthopedic doctor...
There is much treatment to treat hip joint pain they may be either surgical or nonsurgical treatment. If your hip joint is completely damaged then surgeon suggest Hip Replacement surgery. But most us are not aware of Hip Replacement Surgery and it's procedure.

During hip replacement surgery, the surgeon removes a damaged joint with an artificial joint which is made of metal and plastic components.  It is usually performed when all other treatment options are found to be a failure to relieve pain.
Dr. S.S Soni is famous for his patient-friendly measures and expertise in joint replacement surgeries.      He always suggests for non-invasive procedures.  

Why Hip Replacement Surgery Needed?

Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, injury due to fall and bone tumors may lead to the breakdown of the hip joint and the need for replacement.

  • Surgeon makes an opening over the front or side of the hip, through the layers of tissue
  • Removes the damaged bone and cartilage, leaving the healthy bone intact
  • The damaged socket is replaced by implanting a  prosthetic socket into the pelvic bone
  • Replaces the round ball on the top of the femur with the prosthetic ball which is attached to a stem that fits into the thigh bone.

After the Surgery

Less invasive techniques are opted both by the surgeon and patient as the recovery is less in them.  After surgery, blood clot prevention measures are taken.  The patient will be encouraged to sit up and even try walking with walker soon after surgery.  During and after surgery the patient is instructed to wear an elastic compression stocking similar to a blood pressure cuff on the lower leg so that due to the pressure exerted by the inflated sleeves keep blood from pooling in the leg veins and hence reduce the chances of the blood clot.  They physician prescribe an injected or oral blood thinner after the surgery.  Physical therapy exercises will help to regain the strength of joints and muscles.

Measures to take after surgery

Climbing on stairs reduce to minimum
Use a firm straight-back chair
Avoid fall 
Use elevated toilet seat so that bending can be avoided
Six to twelve weeks after the surgery make an appointment with the surgeon to ensure the healing process.  A complete recovery will happen after 12 months.

Dr. S. S Soni and his dedicated team are very skillful in performing arthroscopy and he transformed the lives of many people by providing them with quality treatment.  He has started a trend in Jaipur in minimally in invasive surgeries.  He is the first surgeon ever to perform Unicondylar knee replacement in Jaipur. 

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