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Advanced Orthopaedic Treatments – Dealing With Musculoskeletal Irregularities

A branch of medicine dealing with the study of human musculoskeletal system, orthopaedics involves the treatment of joints, bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments and nerves. They help in ensuring pain free mobility and treating deformities of limbs as well. Dr. SS Soni, is a leading orthopaedic surgeon offering advanced orthopaedic treatment in Jaipur.

Orthopaedic treatments have undergone an evolution, with the incorporation of latest technology in it. Minimally invasive technology procedures have replaced many of the conventional treatment methodologies, making it more simpler and easier.

Different orthopaedic treatments

Orthopaedic treatments are done to address several concerns like arthritis, spine diseases, knee disorders, injuries and trauma caused from accidents. The different type of orthopaedic treatments include: -

  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Spine surgery
  • Sports Medicine treatment 

Joint replacement surgery

The joint replacement surgery is done to correct issues hips, hands, knees, spine, foot, wrist, elbow, shoulder and so on. The replacement surgeries involve replacing the problem areas of the joint with prosthesis made from inert metal or plastic.

Severe cases of joint issues are treated by replacing the whole joint with prosthesis in a procedure called total replacement surgery. The surgical procedure which involves the replacement of only the affected parts is known as partial replacement surgery.


A treatment technique to diagnose and treat disorders in the internal region of joints. It involves a minimally invasive or key hole surgery technique, with the help of an arthroscope, a device connected with a small camera, inserted through tiny incisions to detect irregularities and treat them.

Arthroscopy is a preferred treatment option for disorders like knee, hips, ankles, wrist, elbow and so on. The minimally invasive procedures minimises the risks and complications related to the procedure.

Spine surgery

Issues with the vertebral disc, nerves and other related disorders are treated with the help of spine surgery, an orthopaedic treatment technique.

Sports medicine

Sports medicine covers a set of treatment techniques associated mainly with the injuries and orthopaedic issues experienced by sports persons.

Joint care offers advanced and quality orthopaedic treatment procedures for the treatment of a wide range of disorders related to musculoskeletal system, under the expertise of Dr. SS Soni.

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