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Arthritis Treatments in Jaipur - Rajasthan

Arthritis is a widespread disease, which affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The name of the disease comes from the word “athron”, which translated from Greek means - joint. The first mention of the symptoms of the disease and the treatment of arthritis comes at a time of life and activity of Hippocrates. It was in those early years, doctors and traditional healers have begun to take the first steps to combat this disease. However, if before the medics were called arthritis absolutely any disease that somehow affects the joints and musculoskeletal system of man, from the sixteenth century arthritis, as the disease got its classification. For the first time it has been identified types of arthritis and severity of the disease. Therefore, speaking today about arthritis, we mean a number of diseases with common and unique features.


1 : Pain in the joints at night. If at night you feel that you are not simply joints ache after a hard day's work, and hurt, there is a possibility that this arthritis. At the same time, discomfort in the joints when changing the posture of sleep to symptoms of arthritis do not apply. Well, if you wake up in the middle of the night by severe pain, rather consult a doctor as it is already talking about the serious extent of the disease arthritis.

2 : For arthritis is characterized by morning stiffness in the joints, especially in the hands. In medicine, a sign called "symptom of gloves." In this case, naive to assume that after sleep the body needs time to wake up. For the simplest and elementary actions (including tea, open the water tap and so on.) The person does not need to warm up.

3 : Inflammation and swelling of the wrist joints. If such symptoms are observed in respect of two hands, revealing arthritis guaranteed in 99 percent of cases. 

4 : Inflammation and swelling of the joints at the base of the fingers (metacarpophalangeal). These symptoms, which occur without any recent injuries, and virtually guarantee the presence of arthritis. For athletes involved in martial arts, as you can tell, this is not true.

5 : Deformation of fingers and toes. The word "deformation" here refers to the redness and swelling over most of the surface extending from 10 days or more.

6 : Consecutive joints inflammation: a first swells and then, after a short time - the other, and then - the third and so on.

7 : Regular unreasonable swelling and inflammation of the joints of the big toes, knees and ankles at a 90 percent guarantee the fact the disease arthritis.

8 : Reduction of pain in the joints during active movements - another sign of arthritis. It is not necessary to hope that the pain is gone because of the fact that the body warmed up and stretch. It is important to find the cause of its original appearance, and so cause a high probability can be arthritis.

9 : The sharp decrease in pain in the joints after taking NSAIDs. Arthritis such drugs can completely save people from pain and discomfort, but the drug on the mission should not have "just amazing" effect.

10 : Tumors and "pea" under the skin on the elbows - a very significant sign of arthritis. 

11 : Long-term inflammation of the eyes - symptoms of reactive arthritis. 

12 : Excessive sweating and chills in the frequent inflammation of the joints. 13 : Maintaining an elevated body temperature with inflammation of joints for one or more months. 

Knee arthritis can be caused by a variety of reasons, and if the nature of occurrence of rheumatoid it refers to, there is a serious risk of disability. Shoulder arthritis - a complex disease that requires complex treatment and is accompanied by persistent pain in the shoulder joints.
Hip Arthritis - quite an insidious disease, which is often confused with the knee. The fact that the hip arthritis patient moves limped hramota and this is most evident is in the knee joint. As a result - Wrong Diagnosis, running condition of the disease and a variety of complications. 
Ankle arthritis - is often severe pain and redness of the tumor. Sleep disturbance, irritability, unstable body temperature - just a few symptoms of arthritis of the ankle joint. 
Maxillofacial arthritis - a rare disease, poorly studied and difficult to treat.

Severity of arthritis 

There are four main severity of arthritis. 
First degree - zero, at which only the infection enters the body, but still it does not manifest itself.
This is followed by the second degree. 
Second degree - the first degree of arthritis infection shows the minimum (initial) activity. For the first degree by a small joint pain and stiffness in the morning. However, current treatments allow a high probability promptly diagnose and neutralize it. 
Third degree of arthritis - pain in the joints of moderate severity. In the second stage of development of arthritis in a patient first appear limited in his movements, and the pain makes itself felt even at rest or sleep. 
The fourth degree of arthritis - it is severe pain in the joints, pronounced swelling and redness, a significant limitation of mobility, high temperature, and clear signs of internal organ involvement. A patient with third-degree arthritis loses the ability to self-service, needs regular procedures and taking medications. Sometimes arthritis causes third-degree disability rights.

Is it possible to cure arthritis? 
Fortunately, most treatable forms of the disease, but if careless about their health - it is possible the development of complications and the transition of the disease into a chronic form. Therefore, in order not to lose the opportunity to live a full life - follow all recommendations of your doctor and take care of your health.
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