Friday, 28 October 2016

Keeping you in the game

Hey players, don’t let pain rob you of living your life. Joint Care Jaipur Successfully treating difficult injuries with Sports Medicine in India. Dr.S.S.Soni offers the effective Treatment for Sports Injuries at affordable rates.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine deals with the treatment of muscular-skeletal sports injuries. It is involved in the treatment and prevention of the injuries that could be caused due to sports or exercises. 
  • Who should consider sports medicine? 
  • People suffering from sport injuries such as sprains or dislocation.
  • Strains and fractures caused during any sports 
  • Falling or accidents can also be treated by this method. 
  • Sport injuries that affects the joints or any post traumatic arthritis cases are all the candidates for sports medicine. 
How to diagnose sports associated injuries? 
  • A physician performs physical examination of the affected region or joints such as knee, shoulder or ankle. 
  • He physician checks for the tenderness, swelling and range of motion of the joints.
  • X-rays of the joints are taken. 
  • Computed tomographic (CT) scan, or magnetic resonance image (MRI) are also be used for this purpose. 
What steps are taken to prevent the sports injury? 
  • Wearing protective gear of the associated game such as eye gears, mouth and elbow guards, pads and athletic shoes.
  • Following the right exercise schedule without overdoing , 
  • having balanced healthy diet, keeping fitness 
  • avoiding playing when not fit physically 

How beneficial are the sports medicine treatments?
Some of the treatment the conservative methods such as 
  • physical therapy, 
  • anti-inflammatory medications, 
  • Elevating the injured part. 
The joint care clinic, in Jaipur has a good physiotherapy facility run under the guidance of physiotherapy experts. No pain is your gain!