Friday, 15 September 2017

Flexible Knees By Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the diseased knee joint. When an injury or arthritis occurs, the ability to bend and flex your knees can become difficult due to damage, inflammation, and pain. Over time, the damage progresses and becomes more difficult and painful.
When your knee got damaged you may have tried medicines, injection, and physical therapy. If nothing seems to work then, in that case, it is always better to do Knee Replacement Surgery. Severe arthritis pain can also be solved by Knee replacement surgery

A total knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure where the diseased knee joint is replaced with an artificial material. Knee replacement is also called as arthroplasty. 

The main reason behind knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. The age related condition is also very common and occurs when the cartilage cushion between the knee and bone joints breakdown.
  • Severe knee pain or stiffness that makes them uncomfortable while doing their daily activities.
  • Chronic knee inflammation and swelling 
  • Knee deformity- Noticeable arch on the inside and outside of the knee
  • Inability to carry out daily works which resulting depression on them
Types of Knee Replacement surgery

Total knee replacement

In this type surgery, both sides of knee joints are replaced, it is the most common procedure.
This type of surgery lasts for mainly 1 to 3 hours.In Total knee, replacement surgery have less pain and better mobility 

Partial knee replacement

The partial knee replacement replaces only one side of the knee this type replacement, the incision will be smaller , but it does not last as long as a total replacement.This type of surgery is suitable for people who have damaged only one of their knee. The hospital stay and recovery period are shorter in this case.
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